A Commitment to Citizens

Since being elected, Pete Candland has worked tirelessly for the citizens of the Gainesville District by accomplishing the following:

  • Eliminating the Supervisor’s discretionary funds,

  • Reforming the County proffer system to require developers to pay more for the infrastructure costs resulting from their building projects (schools, roads, etc.)

  • Focusing efforts to reduce class sizes by passing an annual student reduction grant,

  • Securing funding to expand the size of the new Western High School while dedicated more than $11 million toward Eastern Elementary School improvements,

  • Leading the fight against the Bi-County Parkway and removing it from the County’s comprehensive plan,

  • Reducing the County’s carryover budget,

  • Introducing a push to hold drug manufacturers accountable for their part in the opioid epidemic,

  • Standing up against a School Administration and their unfair treatment of students and teachers,

  • Defeating the baseball stadium deal that would have burdened taxpayers with a $90 million obligation,

  • Forcing Dominion Power to bury their powerlines along I-66,

  • Fighting for greater transparency and accountability for the Board of Supervisors.

©2019 by Pete Candland for Supervisor.